9 Best Ways To Prepare Your House For Painting In Salt Lake City 

9 Best Ways To Prepare Your House For Painting In Salt Lake City 

Salt Lake City is the capital and one of the most populated cities in Utah. The city is spread across a total area of 110.81 sq mi and houses some of the most beautiful posh neighborhoods. With breathtaking views of mountains, and endless outdoor activities, including hiking and skiing, no wonder, citizens love residing in this vibrant city. 

In Salt Lake City, you will find rows of houses colored in shades of periwinkle, blush, lemon yellow, or cream. If you are also planning to color your house in vibrant hues, you have stumbled upon just the right article for you. Choosing the trained, insured painters salt lake city is essential as they use premium quality paint, protect your furniture while painting, and complete the tasks promptly. 

Ways To Prepare Your House Before Painting

Many homeowners in Salt Lake City prefer to hire painting service providers from time to time to get their houses painted. The painters in Salt Lake City offer interior and exterior painting, complete house painting, customized wall painting, etc. 

The population of Salt Lake City is 200,133, with a density of 1,797.52/sq mi. The house interior painting cost in Salt Lake City ranges from $2 to $6 per square foot. 

Preparing a house before painting can significantly affect the final result. Here is a list of some easy house-prepping tips you can follow before your house-painting session. 

  1. Cover everything near your house walls. Remove small furniture pieces like coffee tables or small wall cabinets from the painting room. You can relocate large pieces of furniture to the center of the room and cover them. Moving the furniture pieces will provide enough space for the painters to maneuver around, thus reducing damage. Remove wall hangings and ornaments and protect soft furnishings as well.
  2. Take special care of electrical appliances. Cover the appliances as they are likely to get damaged by paint. It is best to move the appliances to a different room altogether. 
  3. Painting is a messy affair. Therefore, drop sheets all along the floors. Use tape to keep the sheets in place. To prevent stray paint, you must use painter’s tape against door frames, moldings, and window panes. 
  4. If you paint the house exteriors, trim the shrubs and vines that might come in your way, or cover the plants with tarps or drop clothes. For air-conditioning units, tape and cover them. 
  5. Clean the walls before a fresh coat of paint is applied to them. Even hidden from the naked eye, the walls collect dust, grime, and stains. Painting without cleaning will create an uneven texture and make it visible. You can use a small vacuum or a long broom to clean the cobwebs off the ceilings and walls. You can also use water and detergent to wipe away any left debris.
  6. Try pressure washing to wash the exterior walls of your house. But use a gentler cleansing option if there are softwood sidings. Hand scrub gently with detergent and water if your home has cedar and redwood. 
  7. Sanding the exteriors will help in creating a mechanical bond between the paint. You can smooth the surface with 80-grit sandpaper and remove scratches; 100-120 grit sandpaper works best. 
  8. Inspect for cracks and holes in the walls. Use a spackling compound, spread it over the damaged area and remove the excess. Check for damaged or peeling paint. You must fill in the holes and surfaces, and remove the loose paint. Be meticulous while removing these poorly-adhering paint surfaces. You can use a stiff metal wire brush or a power sander to make the final checks.
  9. Painters come equipped with tools that will provide the best work. Therefore, creating a designated space for the painters to keep the paints and all the other equipment required for painting is a must. 

Bottom Line

Preparing your house before painting can significantly impact the final result. Every investment in the preparation stage will benefit it in the long run. The preparation time will help reduce the time required to complete the project and save your valuables for the clutches of paint. You will reduce the risk of damage by paint splatter or while being relocated by the painters. If you seek professional painting services, you can ask for their input to prepare the house well for painting.

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