Torque Wrench: Everything You Need To Know

Torque Wrench: Everything You Need To Know

A torque wrench is a specialized piece of equipment used to accurately tighten nuts and bolts to predetermined levels. It is the only tool that can be utilized in working on automobiles and bicycles with the sole purpose of nuts and bolts fix. Because torque wrenches are manually adjustable, you do not require additional equipment.

Adjusting the handle of a torque wrench and setting it to a particular torque level are required steps in using the tool. To secure it in place:

  1. Use the tightener at the handle’s end.
  2. Slip it over the socket, nut, or bolt, and turn the nut or bolt in a clockwise direction to tighten it.
  3. When you are finished, ensure the settings on the handle are reset to 0 and put it away in a secure location.

Torque wrenches: What to look for?

When purchasing a new torque wrench or any other tool, remember a few things that might influence your decision. Longevity and durability are the best indicators of a tool’s value for money.

It is essential to check how well the torque wrench works against international standards for accuracy. Most models have a +/- 4%, +/- 2%, or +/- 1% accuracy range for the torque output they show. The actual reading will be within the + or percentage of tolerance, so the lower the tolerance, the more accurate the reading will be.

But before you can choose the best tool to use, you need to figure out which device will work best for the job you need to do. There are various kinds of torque wrenches available in the market, like beam torque wrenches, deflecting beam torque wrenches, or micrometer torque wrenches. Each has its use, accuracy, and durability. A torque wrench is an exact tool, so it’s worth spending money on a good one.

Why should a torque wrench be in your garage?

A machine can do the fixes better than you when applying more pressure. Torque wrenches are the only tools that apply pressure “just right.” But there are other reasons you should have a torque wrench in your garage. 


Even if you don’t know much about mechanics, you can still use a torque wrench to ensure you finish an important job. Tightening bolts and nuts can also be a waste of time if you work too hard. With a torque wrench, your arm muscles won’t get tired, and the whole nuts and bolts fix procedure will be better and more efficient. Using a torque wrench is much easier than using a hammer.

Better Accuracy

The most exciting thing about using a torque wrench is that it can help you improve your precision. It will prevent you from having to redo work if you tighten bolts too much or too little.

 You will obtain the same results every time you bolt nuts with a torque wrench. It eliminates the need for safety tests, saving time and money. The bolts and nuts will be tightened, so they will not likely break down.


A torque wrench is a tool to apply a specific torque to a fastener. It uses a spring to apply the torque and must be set to the value it is intended to achieve before use. The wrench is calibrated to a specific fastener torque, and the value must be matched before use. A torque wrench must be set to the correct value to avoid damage to the fastener, part, or both.

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